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  • Title: Gyraf Audio
    Descriptive info: .. Sorry, your browser dosen't seem to support frames..

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  • Title: gyraf_nav
    Descriptive info: Our Company:.. Home.. Products.. Company Profile.. Prices and ordering.. Contact.. Technical Documents:.. DIY-projects.. Resources.. Links..

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  • Title: Gyraf Audio
    Descriptive info: Gyraf Audio.. Welcome to the Gyraf Audio homepage.. 05.. Aug.. 2012.. Please note: We Have finally completed the moving of our company - and production is up to normal again.. We aim to get lead times down from the current 14 weeks down to some 6-8 weeks sometime soon.. Gyraf Audio is an audio electronics research and development company, situated in Aarhus, Denmark, and was founded in partnership with one of Denmark's largest recording studios, the now defunkt.. Feedback Recording.. Presenting G21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum- The fully passive stereo soft-clipper.. For product development, we used the.. Feedback Studios.. and their associated engineers as an advanced "testbed" for our products, developing our products in close contact with our recording staff.. The real world is our most valuable test.. We manufacture "real" tube audio devices, meaning that the audio signal paths in our equipment is kept clean of any active solid-state components like IC's and transistors.. Your audio will only pass Transformers, Tubes, and passive components on it's way through any of our units.. Well, we're not purists, so we use  ...   as that has shown unsuitable for our designs.. And yes, every single unit is still handbuilt by yours truly.. Our product range covers a broad range of basic recording and mastering equipment: Microphone preamplifiers, Equalizers, Compressors, and even the occational tube microphone (In cooperation with Tim Campbell of.. "Campbell Transmitter".. ).. We're also into designing and building specialized equipment according to user specification - although this can be a costly and time-consuming process.. We base all our designs on readily available tubes, most of which are in current production.. So there's no need to worry too much about future availability of the needed glowing wonders.. PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent growth in interest for our products - combined with shortage of some of the parts we need, current lead time is very long - ca.. 14weeks on the G14 and ca.. 12weeks on the rest of the range.. Picture of the month:.. The Perfect Roommates (Genelec Ad).. Nice details.. This lo-tech page has been written in windows notepad.. No animals were harmed during production or testing.. Shown:.. Since 07-2003..

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  • Title: products
    Descriptive info: Gyraf Audio Main Products:.. Gyratec XXI: magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum.. Gyratec X: Stereo Vari-Mu Compressor.. Gyratec XIV: Stereo Parallel-passive Equalizer.. Gyratec III: Stereo electro-optical Compressor.. Gyratec II - Recording channel: Microphone preamp, Compressor and Eq.. Gyratec IX - Dual Microphone preamp.. Reviews:.. NEW:.. Review of Gyratec XIV from "Resolution Magazine" May 2008.. Review  ...   Gyratec III from "Resolution Magazine" Mar.. Review of Gyratec X from "Resolution Magazine" May 2003.. Recall Sheets:.. Recall Sheet for the G10 Vari-mu Compressor (.. PDF).. Recall Sheet for the G14 Parallel-Passive Equalizer (.. Recall Sheet for the G3 Electro-optical Compressor (.. Recall Sheet for the G2 Recording Channel (.. HOME.. 07-2003..

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  • Title: Profile
    Descriptive info: About Gyraf Audio.. is the natural result of us working in the pro audio and recording business for more than fifteen years - as engineers, service-techs, and designers.. Pro audio is an area where you need to be able to fix anything in no time - and come up with suitable technical solutions for just about any imaginable weird way of artistic thinking.. Having been through all this, the next step was to start designing our own stuff.. It's not always easy to get a piece of equipment that will produce just "that" sound that the recordist strives for.. So we set out to try satisfying our in-house staff - and eventually came up with a couple of designs that everyboby seemed to like.. We have the great advantage of a very short design cycle, because we are always working in close cooperation with  ...   off working in one studio, so many started hanging around at the competitor's studios.. These freelancers brought along some of our "local" products and this in turn generated interest in Gyraf's various units.. So we needed a small production facility to be able to manufacture for other clients also - which was set up in the basement beneath our SSL-studio, studio2.. Not much room indeed, but just enough to be able to do small series of up to five units at a time.. And this is where we are now - small, and trying to catch up with a steadily rising demand for "old-fashioned" recording equipment.. And the demand is certainly not lessened by the introduction of affordable DAW-based recording - this is an area where the users really need some sonic "flavour" in order to get things sounding good.. Aarhus, 07-07-2003.. Jakob Erland..

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  • Title: Prices
    Descriptive info: International Distribution and Retailers:.. Canada - Studio Economik, Montréal, Québec -.. www.. economik.. com.. France - TSC Audio, Strasbourg -.. tscaudio.. fr.. Germany - Digital Audio Service GbR, Hamburg -.. digitalaudioservice.. de.. Spain/Portugal - Mastering Mansion, Madrid -.. masteringmansion.. The Netherlands - Helios Pro Audio Solutions, Haarlem -.. helios.. nl.. United Kingdom - KMR Audio, Whetstone, London -.. kmraudio.. Gyraf Audio Prices:.. At the moment, the prices on Gyraf products, when shipped directly from our facility, are as follows.. We trade in Danish Kroner, DKK:.. G2 tube recording channel - 14.. 200 DKK.. G3 stereo optical compressor - 16.. 100 DKK.. G3/Hf stereo optical compressor w/ HF-compression - 16.. 900 DKK.. G9 Dual tube mic pre - 12.. 000 DKK.. G10 vari-mu stereo compressor - 20.. 000 DKK.. G10/Hpf (w.. sidechain highpass) - 21.. G14 Parallel-passive Stereo EQ - 20..  ...   updated price on those.. Shipping charges pr.. unit (ca.. 10kg) is approximately DKK350 to Europe and USA and DKK650 to Australia.. Please contact us for an exact freight quote.. Up until now we've only sold units in Danish Kroner and would prefer to keep this policy given some of the wild swings in exchange rates lately.. All units are sold prepaid - If you wish, we can negotiate a two-week return/money-back option for customers that have no other way of trying out the units, like in countries that don't have distributors yet.. This would allow you to return the unit, all you need to pay is the shipping expenses both ways.. Jaegergaardsgade 152, 02F.. DK-8000 Aarhus C.. Denmark.. Company No.. : DK30775368.. Tel: (+45) 5129 2769.. For further information on ordering, please call us or use this email adress:.. inquiry@gyraf.. dk..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Gyraf Audio Contact information:.. Jaegergårdsgade 152, 02F, 1th.. The easiest way to reach us is by email, using.. this.. email address.. Please DO NOT contact us regarding parts or info for the DIY-projects, as we don't sell anything related to these - they're kept strictly non-commercial.. Refer to.. GroupDIY.. org.. for information on the diy-stuff..

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  • Title: Gyraf Audio - Do-It-Yourself Circuits
    Descriptive info: DIY-page.. Welcome to the Gyraf Audio DIY-page.. Please read this first!!.. The projects described on these pages are not commercial in any way.. This means that we DO NOT sell PCB's, kits, or anything like that.. It also means that any for-profit use of the information on these pages is strictly prohibited.. I.. e.. , you can NOT sell PCB's, kits (neither partial, nor complete) or finished units of the DIY projects on this site, without the express written consent of Gyraf Audio.. These pages are information only - but the best and most complete set of information we have been able to come up with.. Refer to www.. org for additional information on the diy-stuff.. 20.. Nov.. Here's the link to the Prodigry-pro forums (AKA GroupDIY) - our meeting place and hangout for all things audio, electronic and DIY.. Direct your questions there, and check there for possible solutions for errors in your DIY-thingys:.. http://www.. groupdiy.. org/.. Gyraf Do-It-Yourself Circuits.. This pages contain information about building your own professional audio equipment.. Comments and corrections are more than welcome, but I can't promise to reply to all mail.. If you build one of the projects and describe the process on your webpage, I'll be more than happy to add a link here, so others can benefit from your experiences.. Disclaimer: Notice that all information, schematics, layouts etc.. are supplied "as is", and that we can in no way be held responsible for its acurateness, functionality or even safety.. Gyraf Audio shall not be responsible and disclaims all liability for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct or consequential) or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered as a result of or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to the use of or reliance upon any information, links or service provided through this website.. Also you should take extreme caution when working with mains voltages and the very high DC voltages ocurring in tube circuits.. These voltages are lethal, and the smallest error will be chatastrophic.. And we like you to stay alive and well, so you can help other people sharing our bizarre interest for building retro-pro-audio-equipment.. Basic safety rules:.. - NEVER work with live voltage switched on.. Switch off, discharge, work, connect measuring equipment and power up.. - Always keep your mains connector in plain sight when working, so you can assure yourself that it really is disconnected.. - If possible, get an extra voltmeter, and keep it connected to the charging capacitator in your tube HT supply.. Never touch anything before voltage drops beneath 48V.. - Always tidy up  ...   tightening up and glueing together your mixes, cut right out of the heart of the recording industry's standard mixing board; The SSL4000E.. It is relatively easy-to-build (I think, judged from the success-rate I know of), and based on components that should'nt be that hard to get anywhere in the world.. The circuit for this stereo compressor is amazingly simple for a compressor this well-sounding.. The G1176:.. The 1176 is a well-known and classic FET compressor.. No tubes, but a nice solid-state do-it-yourself project.. It is an adaption of the original UREI 1176 LN to components and parts that are available (mostly) everywhere today.. Adaption include changing to standard European transistor types, modernizing component values, using Lundahl transformers, and rotary switches for easier front panel layout.. The Pultec EQ:.. The most famous of the oldschool tube equalizer brigade.. Brought to you in a updated design, making it possible to do your own.. But be warned - it's based on High voltages for the tubes, so it's not a safe first-project.. G7 - Tube Microphone:.. Microphones are not the most usual subject for homebuilt projects, and when I started this, it was mostly because nobody seemed to belive it could be possible.. But possible it is, and with astonishing results.. Try for yourself.. Calrec PQ1549 Equalizer:.. Build your own Calrec PQ1549 Equalizer - Yes, the one found in the Calrec UA8000 "Polar" desk.. This EQ is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to equalizer designs based on standard opamps.. Give it a shot, and you'll know what I mean.. PCB MAKING:.. Information about how to process your own PCB's - for e.. g.. the projects found on these pages:.. HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PCB's.. And for those of you that are unsure and don't want to get into "rolling your own" PCB's already, here's a couple of ready-made options:.. Gustav.. has a PCB-service for all of these projects, available across the world:.. Chef.. in the UK has G9-diy and G-ssl pcb's also:.. AudioKitchen, Chef's PCB operation.. We would like to mention here, that we have absolutely no economic interests in any of the above pcb-operations - as stated above, we do not believe in mixing DIY with business.. This is also why theese independent operators are selling PCB's at very, very decent prices - at least in Europe, it would be impossible to have a fully professional pcb manufactured at their pricing.. Remember - this is NOT a profit operation.. Gyraf's Obscure Schematics:.. Check out our selection of hard-to-find schematics, Obscure equipment, or just those not-so-common technical drawings.. Jakobs obscure Schematics.. 07-02-2005..

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  • Title: Classic Schematics
    Descriptive info: Gyraf Audio's Obscure Schematics.. Here's some schematics and information that can be hard to find elsewhere.. If you have some schematics that you think belongs among these, please do not hesitate to contact me.. I hope to be able to extend this little collection with time, so check back for updates.. NOTE: Some of the larger.. gif-files dosen't show correctly in some browsers.. If you have that problem, instead "right-click" on the link and select "save target as.. " to save to your harddisk - and view it from there.. Mic Preamps:.. Neumann_PV76 Mic Preamp.. Neumann V476 Mic Preamp.. Disa 91b21 Microphone preamp (!!).. Tube-Tec MP1A Preamp.. NTP 179-270 Mic pre and Compressor.. Amek M-2500 Mic pre stage.. Calrec UA8000 mic/line input stage.. Calrec 1061 input channel w/ EQ.. Equalizers:.. Neumann PEV Equalizer.. Ear 825 "Passive" tube eq.. Sontec 430C EQ.. Sontec MEP250a.. Pultec PE1A Equalizer.. Pultec HLF3 Passive High/Low-cut Filter.. Pultec MEQ5 EQ Section.. Amek M-2500 EQ-stage.. Langevin EQ251A Passive - Thanks to mr.. Rick Chinn.. Klein & Hummel UE-400 EQ.. Klein & Hummel UE-100 Tube EQ:.. KH_UE100_equalizer.. pdf.. - Thanks to Zebra50!.. Klein & Hummel UE-1000 Discrete EQ:.. KH_UE-1000.. Compressors:.. Siemens U273 Diode-based Limiter.. CBS_Audimax_440.. gif.. DISA 91N02 Limiter - inspiration source for Manley's Vari-Mu.. CCA LA-1D limiter/AGC w/ 6386 tube.. Drawmer 1960 (original version) (Removed by request from the manufacturer).. NTP_179-140_Manual.. pdf (1.. 8Mb).. NTP_179-160_Compressor.. PDF (1MB).. NTP_179-300_Limiter_card..  ...   Sony C800 Page 05.. Sony C800 Page 06.. Sony C800 Page 07.. Mixers:.. SSL 4000E Mixer:.. SSL 4000E Input amplifiers - early version, 1979.. SSL 4000E Input amplifiers - recent version.. SSL 4000E Quad VCA, inserts, Compressor time constants.. SSL 4000E Bus compressor time constants, quad fader, autofade.. SSL 4000E talkback compressor.. Neotek Elite Mixer:.. Input channel "A" board.. Input channel "B" board.. Mixbus amplifiers.. Aux mixbusses.. Controlroom, Studio and Solo.. Balanced outputs.. Power supply.. Mackie CR1604 VLZ.. Allen&Heat (1980'es).. Other devices of interest:.. Neumann PV15 Isolation Amplifier.. Neumann PV46 Line Amplifier.. Neumann W444 active fader module.. Neumann 472 Isolation amplifier.. Neumann 482 Distribution amplifier.. Neumann V475 Mixbus amplifiers.. Neumann WE66 RIAA playback equalizer.. Bridged attenuators layout.. NTP paper describing NTP 179-120, 179-160, 179-230, 179-400, 182-100, 182-200, and old Pricelist.. VCA's and discrete opamps:.. Aphex_1537A_VCA.. Aphex_VCA_505_card.. VCAs_Ben_Duncan.. pdf (an article).. DBX 2150 Application notes.. Dbx 202 VCA - schematic and data.. NTP M-100 Discrete opamp, 1978.. More versions of NTP M100 Schematics.. NTP M-100 datasheet page 1.. NTP M-100 datasheet page 2.. RadioDesigners Handbook - RDH:.. RadioDesigners Handbook - Ch.. 5 - Transformers.. 1 and 2 - Introduction to the radio valve.. Other stuff:.. Voltage multipliers with CMOS gates.. Aphex_Exiter_II.. PDF.. RTW1227E PPM schematics.. Behringer ADA-8000 8-ch AD/DA converter analouge sections.. Westlake BBSM-10.. Revox G36 tubed tape recorder Schematic.. Beyer Dynamics catalouge page - audio transformers, 1969.. Updated 15-02-2006.. since 10-2002..

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  • Title: Bookmarks
    Descriptive info: Bookmarks.. Gyraf's Bookmarks:.. Internet fora:.. The GroupDIY pages - one of the best DIY resources on the net.. The Gearslutz Forums - So much gear.. ProSoundWeb Recording Forum.. DIYaudio Forums - Tubes.. Yahoo! Groups MicDIYers.. Audio Asylum.. AMPAGE -- Tech-Talk BBS.. Dutch Electronics Forum.. Group DIY Home.. Kevin Ross Home page.. AMPAGE -- Tube Amps - Music Electronics.. Schematics and DIY-projects:.. Powersupplies:.. Phantom power:.. fear of frying overcoming the fear of Phantom (microphone) Power.. Phantom Power Supply Circuit.. http--www.. rane.. com-pdf-ms1bsch.. paia.. com-phantsch.. Inductors:.. Inductor DIY.. Magnetism quantities, units and relationships.. Producing wound components.. Winding Coils.. Group DIY - Inductors.. Steffen's Inductor DIY.. Tim Campbell - Mics.. Tim Campbell - Mics 2.. AKG C12 Historical and Application Notes.. Josephson classic schematics.. DIY Mic Capsule articles.. Tubes:.. Radau5's vacuum tube site.. The Tube CAD Journal.. Lulu the spacecat builds.. Epanorama DIY Audio circuits.. Duncanamps Tubes & Schematics.. BAMA-BoatAnchorManualArchive.. Beitman's Most-Often-Needed Radio Diagrams and Servicing Information.. Triode Electronics On Line Schematics Index.. Triode ElectronicsOn Line Studio Electronics Diagrams.. Wavefront Classic Electronic Circuits.. Urei 1176LN-manual.. UREI 1176 DIY - Source not mentioned.. Vintage JBL-UREI Electronics.. D.. Jahnsen - How To Build A LA2A Tube Compressor.. Index of -pdf-Vintage JBL-UREI Electronics.. JH.. 1176 Compressor.. DIY 12AU7 compressor by PRR.. EQ's:.. Steffens EQ Site.. Chris's Neve 1073 project.. Passive Equalizers.. Preamps:.. Pulteq mb1 DIY.. Peter's popular Green Micamp project.. Peter's Neve project.. Hamptone Mic Pre.. Low Noise Balanced Microphone Preamp.. Slowies'  ...   Jazz's Schematics.. Orsonian's G1176 DIY audio page for begginers.. Background Reading:.. Electronics Forum.. EQ Myths; www.. com-pdf-note115.. Journal of SMPTE Article - La2A Compressor.. Passive eq theory.. RCA R-10 Receiving Tubes Manual.. THE SUITABILITY OF THE 6DJ8 FOR AUDIO.. Vacuum tube for beginners.. What Have They Done To My Artbr by Walter E.. Sear.. Compression Practices in Audio.. Eddie Ciletti From Digital Audio to Vacuum Tubes!.. Triode Electronics-The Big Tube Data Page.. Literature on berklee.. edu.. PCB making - tonepad -- photoessay.. Surface Mount Device Rework.. Basic passive components explained.. Equalizer (passive).. Kompressor Artikel.. Audio Scientific - Microphones Links.. Klett's UREI 1176 VERSIONS.. Comments on Vari-MU TUBES.. Spangenberg - Vacuum tubes.. Vacuum Tube Links.. Electricity and Magnetism - Beginner's guide.. Component Suppliers:.. Mouser Electronics.. Conrad Electronic - ELECTRONICS AND TECHNOLOGY.. Farnell Components.. RS Components International.. Monacor International.. Billington Valves and Tubes.. Schaeffer-Apparatebau KG - Frontplates.. THATS' Vca's.. JENSEN TRANSFORMERS.. Lundahl Transformers.. Audio Transformers By Cinemag Inc.. Component Data Sheets:.. BF245A-B-C.. BC107.. BC560.. TL 071-072-074.. NE5534.. NE5532.. LM833.. 7812.. 79L12.. 78L12.. LM317.. BD517-518.. 12AU7 - ECC82 Tube.. 6DJ8 - ECC88 - 6922.. 2150 VCA.. 7815.. 7915.. TL783.. WPS Archives Electron Tube Datasheet database 1958-1961.. HB-3 Tube Manual.. NJ7P Tube Database Search.. Data Sheets Collection.. Frank's electron Tube Data sheets.. Equipment manuals:.. Index of -mpe-pdf_files-manuals_pdf.. Fairchild 670 explained.. Valley People Manuals.. AKG, Neumann and DBX.. PCB Making:.. Computer-based test equipment:.. Oscilloscope for Windows.. AudioTester for Windows.. Gyraf HOME..

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  • Title: Gyraf Audio - Gyratec XXI
    Descriptive info: Gyratec XXI.. The Ultimate Passive Analogue Clipper: G21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum.. Photo by Jan-Christoph Schultchen.. Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXI Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum.. It's really not easily explained - and we're working like dogs to manualize how to work it.. The G21 is kinda an elaboration on our G14 parallel-passive eq - the parallel topology enables multi-band control without running into the traditional problems in multi-banding (i.. the problem in phase at recombining).. Use carefully - this is in no way a fire-and-forget gadget: Multiple types of interacting nonlinearities are at large, even a few in macroscopic time-domain because of components heating and temperature coefficients.. Changing something in one band will sure as hell result in something else showing up somewhere else.. Feels organic in that.. Classic problem is that multi-banding gives inadequate results because of filter phase shift messing up recombining.. We deal with this by NOT band-splitting, but in stead dealing with all frequencies in parallel fashion, only opening frequency-selective channels into the clipping circuitry.. Byproduct of this is that spike/peak phase is altered first, only to be real-clipped if pushing the phase won't get the total signal below threshold.. Kinda like an audio file hair-remover (work title of the G21 was "The AudioShaver").. As we all  ...   enabling gradually lower "threshold" at higher frequencies.. Then there's a fine-trim for output level and a 18dB/oct lowcut at the input - mainly because most of our test pilots were mastering engineers :-).. But why passive?.. In essence, we want complete control and predictability in the clipping process - and we want to preserve signal integrity as far as possible.. In passive domain, we are more or less restricted to what could be described as 'first order' non-linearities - we do not convolute clipping on top of clipping (i.. distortion on the distortion products) like it would most often happen in an active circuit under feedback control.. It's hard enough to navigate the nonlinear processes already - we do not want to add unnecessarily to the mess.. An example of a song that got varying amounts of G21 on every single track and the mix is.. Marybell Katastrophy's version of Libertine's "The Boy Looked At Johnny".. Yes, it's kinda rough, but NME only gave them 24hours total for arranging, recording, mixing and mastering.. Jakob E.. G21 is as standard available as all mains voltages - it's entirely passive (!).. The prototype G21 - we later got rid of the elliptic filter.. Download Preliminary User's Manual.. 04-2013.. 10-10-2002..

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