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  • Title: Public Eye
    Descriptive info: .. Public Eye.. Public Eye.. This page deliberately left empty.. News.. page is more fun.. Last edited.. Mon Dec 21 21:35:47 2009..

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  • Title: Real GOOD News:
    Descriptive info: /.. Real GOOD News:.. Real GOOD News:.. MAXIMUM SPACES.. Maximum Spaces is now open, all artists can become members, subscribe here: (.. Maximum Spaces.. ).. A system for re-using and re-gaining our urban commons, access to spaces, without curatorial filters.. (.. Manifesto.. SPRING TOUR 2013.. 23/05,.. 20 plus.. MDT, Stockholm, 19.. 30.. Invites artists and architects whom are taking part of the post studies course Aspectivity at Kungl.. Högskolan in Stockholm, with their 2 minutes of a movement phrase, investigating interpretation, perception and aesthetic.. 16/03,.. Re-enactment on Representation: A lost prelude - a fake re-enactment of Ivana Müller s While we were holding it together.. Asterions Hus, Copenhagen, 21.. 00.. 12-14/03.. How to get the water into the tire?.. , Dansens Hus Stockholm, 19.. WAXING IMMOLATION.. A self-immolation for the female gender’s full emancipation and the final uprising of the women’s rights movement by waxing out the taboo of bodily hair.. This project was developed out of sharing Sara s artistic practice with the Swedish audience, as well as the impossibility to define artistic projects as not representational when the artist stands on stage representing a dark-hairy-woman… Serious and humoristic laps tick lectures are shared: Hammam as the ultimate emancipatory space for the Middle East woman and a re-definition of Donna Haraway’s Cyborgmanifesto for hairy women.. Concept and performance: Sara Gebran.. (https://vimeo.. com/59395350).. HOW TO GET THE WATER INTO THE TIRE?.. The performance focus on the displaying of multiple, maybe excess of meanings, put against a none dramatized aesthetics.. The subject of control is addressed as an inescapable problematic when working with artistic tools in other cultures and communities.. The totalitarian regime of perception crucially increases its role during the show, until control slips away from the performer to the receiver in the final dance sequences, leaving the audience questions to be solved individually, through own desires and habitual perceptional act.. In the final dance sequence, Sara dances 20 movement phrases given to her by 20 artists from different countries.. The phrases are the 20 artist interpretation of 5 photographs they received from Sara, which are from another art project called “Vertical Gardening’10”, created in the refugee camp of Jalazoun in the West Bank/Palestine.. A third level of translation takes place when 20 Light designers from Stockholm made the light for each of the phrases.. A total of 100 photographs are shown to the audience, in a passage between medias: from the reality, to images, to movements, to light.. How to get the water into the tire? is the first of a series of 4 solos, to be finished and presented in 2015.. Every work could be shown independently from each other or all at once, they are developed differently though a  ...   : Kunststyrelsen (Danish Art Council) and Kulturrådet (Swedish Art Council).. Residencies.. : SITE office and Dansens Hus in Stockholm.. Produced by Public Eye.. : www.. public-e.. dk.. Video documentation.. : Ylva Henrikson.. Links to Vertical Gardening 2010.. :.. Facebook.. ,.. “RE-ENACTMENT ON REPRESENTATION: A lost prelude - a fake re-enactment of Ivana Müller’s While we were holding it together”.. Has the dominated just awaken? How do we deal with the lack of representation and representatives, in a time of excess of cultural and social representation, against the absolute political–economical lack of representatives? The audience is holding the script of the performed text, he project is a proposition against the arbitrary accumulative excess of power, which is nothing less than supported by the masses desire to be dominated.. It s a fake re-enactment of Ivana Müller’s work “While we were holding it together” and a real manifesto for imaginative changes.. vimeo.. ARTIST-S TALK.. Information about what is this ARTIST-S TALK on facebook.. OUTBREAK - arts education.. August 31st, from 9:00-16:00.. the public is invited to speak their mind on the topic: what type of arts education is necessary today and how can we envision a new education to achieve that.. the discussion will be followed by a dynamic seminar with international artists and theoreticians, who will share their experiences in art and arts education.. key note speakers: Paola Caspão (writer, researcher, dramaturge); Radikal Pedagogy (visual artists: Lisa Nyberg Johanna Gustavsson funders of Malmö Free University for Women); Joachim Hamou (visual artist, director); Tor Lindstrand (architect, visual artists, professor at the Royal Institute of Technology.. ) Karen Vedel (researcher and dance historian).. registration program: www.. teaterskolen-efteruddannelse.. dk.. performances by the 4th year dance students from 17:00-18:30.. an event by The Danish National School of Performing Arts/ Statens Scenekunst (SKS), a new name that follows the structural reform of the earlier Danish National School of Theatre Contemporary Dance.. Program.. Read the public comments on arts education at the OUTBREAK and write your comments here.. From August on, Sara is the new director of choreography at the Danish National School for Performing Arts.. Tour 2012:.. “Re-enactment on Representation: A lost prelude - a fake re-enactment of Ivana Müller’s While we were holding it together”, ICE HOT show case, Helsinki 13.. dec.. Waxing Immolation , MDT stockholm, 28 september.. How to get the water into the tire? 100° festival, Sophiensaele/Berlin, 26.. February at 17:00.. How to get the water into the tire? IETM Copenhagen the 29th of March, at Overgaden art space.. A share night of 6 artists called Quadraphonic and now Multiphonic, time: 17:30-20:30.. Quadraphonic.. How to get the water into the tire? End of May, SITE studio/Stockholm.. Links:.. bio.. index.. Thu May 9 10:11:08 2013..

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  • Title: About Public Eye
    Descriptive info: About Public Eye.. About Public Eye.. Public Eye is a platform for collaboration between artists from different disciplines, cultures and communities.. The types of projects to be developed are set up in collaboration with the artists suggestions directed by Sara Gebran.. The company produces 2 kinds of projects: community Platforms as well as stage presentations within the style of Performing Arts.. In 2008, Sara initiated a ‘platform’ of works called.. Vertical Exile.. to share and stimulate creativity within the communities of different cities in the world, those living in the ‘periphery’: refugees, suburbs immigrants and regular citizens, as simultaneously focus on the incorporation of the urban space, on how to re-gain our civil rights to appropriate its use and find ways of canalizing social needs through art.. The project was first defined by Anders Paulin and Sara Gebran for refugee camps in the West Bank in 2009, and later on Sara continued its applications in Denmark and Sweden.. This projects developed into what now is called.. Vertical Gardening.. For  ...   Lebanese family, lived in NYC 3 years, in Denmark 14 years, now between Denmark and Sweden.. Obtained her master degree in City Planning (1981-1987) and in dance (1989-1992).. Has been working as Choreographer, performer and teacher since 1994.. Together with Anders Paulin she developed the art platforms in refugee camps in the West Bank from 2009 to 2011, inviting Ylva Henrikson and Palestinian artists, architects and the community.. She has toured in South America, North America, Europe and the Middle East.. Worked in several collaboration projects: ‘Colina’ residency by Rui Horta, ‘Collaboratorio’ in Brazil.. ‘Think Tank’ by Dance Mediterranean Meeting.. Created her own collaboration platform called ‘EX:changing Memories of Movements’ with artists from different art fields from the Middle East and Scandinavia, among others.. a post-modern, psycho-Pina spin on American TV’s Charlie’s Angels”.. - Donald Hotera, Dance Europe, London, April’99 -.. Sickly wonderful Gebran is like a Latin American relative to Liz Aggiss.. - Liv Landell Major, www.. nummer.. se, Riksteatern, 23.. 05.. 2008.. Wed Feb 1 22:08:18 2012..

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  • Title: cv
    Descriptive info: cv.. cv.. CVs of artists working in collaboration under different Public Eye s projects.. CV Sara Gebran.. CV: Anders Paulin.. CV Ylva Henrikson.. Own work.. Professional experience.. Teaching.. Training.. Coming projects.. cv/sidebar.. Mon May 21 21:35:48 2012..

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  • Title: quotes
    Descriptive info: quotes.. quotes.. ?.. Vertical Gardening/The Carpet 11.. Vertical Exile - West Bank.. Il n y as pas de pommes au Paradise.. Frontiers.. Cross Me.. Butchers House.. Body Expired.. Fantasies of Boredom Dummies.. Pink Hole.. Hunting.. Overloadlady.. She Shrieks.. Miss I.. Epica Sucia and Bites.. Rå.. Twin Project.. Mon Aug 6 22:22:04 2012..

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  • Title: Repertoire
    Descriptive info: Repertoire.. Repertoire.. Vertical Gardening/The Carpet 2011.. Posted.. Sat Aug 4 00:00:00 2012.. Tags:.. project.. Fri Aug 3 00:00:00 2012.. Vertical Exile - Stockholm/Botkyrka 2010.. Sat Aug 29 00:00:00 2009.. Vertical Exile - Copenhagen 09.. Wed Sep 3 00:00:00 2008.. Vertical Exile - Lab.. 2008.. Fri Aug 29 00:00:00 2008.. Colaboratorio 2008.. Thu Mar 1 00:00:00 2007.. X:changing Memories of Movements.. Mon Jan 1 00:00:00 2007.. Il n y as pas de pommes  ...   Apr 1 00:00:00 2004.. Fri Aug 1 00:00:00 2003.. Sat Mar 1 00:00:00 2003.. Uncle Fucka.. Wed Jan 1 00:00:00 2003.. Body Expired 2.. Fri Mar 1 00:00:00 2002.. Guilts.. Mon Oct 1 00:00:00 2001.. Fri Jun 1 00:00:00 2001.. Thu Jun 1 00:00:00 2000.. Mamma.. Tue Feb 1 00:00:00 2000.. Hunter.. Sat Jan 1 00:00:00 2000.. Fri Jan 1 00:00:00 1999.. Wed Jul 1 00:00:00 1998.. Thu Feb 4 15:46:32 2010..

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  • Title: Tours
    Descriptive info: Tours.. Tours.. 2012.. see latest news.. 2011.. 18 Oct.. - Dec.. How to get the water into the tire , solo project.. 11 Sept.. - 16 Oct.. , Vertical Gardening , Dura Al Kara village, West Bank.. 14 - 21 August 1-10.. May, preparation of the project Vertical Gardening in Jalazoun refugee Camp, West Bank.. 2-10 May:.. preparation visit, Jalazoun refugee Camp, West Bank.. 15 16 April, IETM, Stockholm.. Quadraphonic a shared night (Website: (quadraphonic): Sara Gebran with La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble; Anders Paulin Anders Mossling with ‘Neither Me nor You, ‘Ylva Henrikson Kajsa Sansdröm with CON:TEXT, Body of an absent Lady Han Eliisa Erávalo with This is about somebody at Tribunalen Theatre.. kl.. 20.. 00-22.. Website: (Quadraphonic).. 17 19 February, TPAM, Yokohama/Japan,.. La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble.. ***Société - A working space.. 12 February, Roxy Theatre Basel,.. 28 January, Danssämesse, Stockholm with an excerpt of.. VOODOOM: waking the Model.. 2010.. Jan 20th - June 10th, Vertical Exile Stockholm/Botkyrka 10.. May 6, Dancing Theories L1, Budapest.. Sept.. 26 - Oct.. 25, Vertical Gardening , Refugee Camp Jalazoun, West Bank.. Dec.. 1-6.. Interactive World Map Exhibitions in the foyer of Dansens Hus, Stockholm during ICE HOT by Sara Gebran.. Here there was an.. Artist Mesa.. : where she opens up her table to present the works of several artists from the world.. 2009.. July 27 - August 29,.. April 6-30,.. Vertical Exile - West Bank/Refugee Camps.. May 24,.. , Festival Tribunale Teater, Stockholm/Sweden.. July 29 - August 29,.. Vertical Exile – Copenhagen.. , Metropolis Biennale, Copenhagen/Denmark.. November 6,.. , P@rts showcase, Copenhagen/Denmark.. April 29,.. , Uppsala Stads Teatern, Sweden.. May 5,.. Il n’y a pas de pommes au Paradis.. , Tunis.. May 21-24,.. , 24 kvadrat mt.. Göteborg/Sweden.. July - August,.. Vertical Exile- lab.. , Copenhagen/Denmark.. September 2-4,.. Oct.. 26, 29,.. , Café 44, Stockholm/Sweden.. 2007.. 22  ...   Theatre of Gröningen, Gröningen/Holland.. March 2,.. , Baggaardsteatret, Svendborg/Denmark.. March 12-13, 18-19,.. , Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm/Sweden.. July 22,.. , Dance Kios festival, Hamburg/Germany.. October 6,.. , Show Case p@rts, Copenhagen/Denmark.. November 18, 21,.. at Festival Panorama de Dança, Rio de Janeiro Sand Gonzalo, Brazil.. October 24 - November 24,.. , Panorama festival, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.. August, “Laa Ma´Fi” “Images of the Middle East festival” Copenhagen International Thatre.. kit.. dk/.. Copenhagen, Grand Teater, Århus, Huset teater, Odense/Denmark.. 2005.. January 06,.. , Berlin/Germany, Sophiensaele.. January 12-16,.. , Damascus.. Invitation from the Danish Cultural Institut in Damascus.. February 22,.. Rouen/France, Theater Duchamp.. September 16,.. , at “Dream Shot”, Antwerp/Belgium.. 22-23,.. , Beirut/Lebanon, Theatre Dward El Shams.. October 15,.. , Bergen/Norway.. BIT Teatergaragen.. 2004.. June 17-19,.. excerpt, Uzés/France.. June 11-13,.. , Fools25 seminar, Copenhagen International Theater Festival (KIT) /DK.. July 22-25,.. excerpt”, Fools25, KIT Festival/DK.. 27-30,.. “Miss Chance”, Malaga Ronda/Spain, Festival Danza Málaga.. November 30 - Dec.. 03,.. , Danse á aix, Provence, France.. 2003.. March,.. , Puservik Festival, Göteborg.. 2002.. March 3,.. Fantasies Of Boredom Dummies.. , Marathon, Dansescenen, Dk.. March 15-24,.. premiere, Dansescenen, Copenhagen/Dk.. Sept-Nov.. tour: Århus festuge; Tallinn/Estland; IETM Århus; Danserotation: Odense Århus; Brussels.. 2001.. August 10,.. , Malmö Festival, Malmö/Sverige.. October 19,.. , International Festival Mess, Sarajevo/Bosnia.. December 1,.. , Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/Scandinavian Platform, Helsinki/Finland.. 2000.. May,.. , Kongesvinger International Festival; Hamar/Norway.. July,.. , International Seminar Contemporary Dance, Bytom Krakow/Poland,.. July 28,.. , MIMIS Festival, Arles/France.. October,.. , IETM meeting, Reykjavik/Iceland.. , Aerowave meeting, Århus/Denmark.. 1999.. Nov.. ,.. Winner of the Bagnolet Scandinavian Platform, Lund/Sweden.. , New York Europe Festival, Dancespace Project, NYC/USA.. , Bergen International Theater, Bergen/Norway.. , Aerodance Julydanse, Danswerkplaatz, Amsterdam/Netherland.. , Dansendag Festival, Århus/Dk.. May, “Miss-I”, Junge Hunde, Kampnagel, Hamburg/Germany.. February,.. , Aerowave, London/UK.. 1998-1994.. Tours of various own works and collaboration works to: Caracas/Venezuela, NYC/USA, Copenhagen/Dk, Hamburg/Germany, Stockholm/Sweden, etc.. Fri Aug 3 19:00:09 2012..

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  • Title: Contact > info
    Descriptive info: Contact info.. Contact info.. Sara Gebran.. Address: Adilsvej 6, 4tv.. Dk- 2000 Copenhagen F.. Mobil: +45.. 23290139.. Mobil: +46.. 739231632.. Email: saragebran@yahoo.. com.. www.. quadraphonic.. se.. Mon Jan 30 17:13:03 2012..

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  • Title: Vertical Exile - West Bank '09
    Descriptive info: Vertical Exile - West Bank 09.. A joint arrangement with artist from Palestine and Scandinavia working together with the community of Jalazoun and Deheisha refugee camps.. Artists and architects joins to participate with their own autonomous ideas and objectives, and in co-operation with the community we build a short time, mobile art event; based on the thematic idea of mapping and the trinity of Territoriality, Power and Identity.. We think of the dance-performance as an ignition – our main objective is not the performance in itself, but rather the social/artistic momentum of dialogue that it can develop.. More pictures.. facebook.. This is the first part of a two year project, which will take place in Palestinian villages and camps during 2009 and 2010.. Join us with comments and follow the work until the 29th of April.. Produced by Sirreyet Dance Festival and Public Eye.. Supported by: Swedish Institute, DCCD/CKU, Dramatiska Institutet/SIDA, Konstnärsnämnden, Danish Art Council and Wilhelm Hansen Fund (Dk).. Concept by Anders Paulin Sara Gebran.. Developed in cooperation with:.. Ylva Henrikson (Dancer/Choreographer), Yazan Khalili (Photographer), Amer Shomali (Illustrator/Architect), Mirna Bamieh (Visual Artist), Anders Paulin (Dramaturge/Instructor), Dia Azzef (Grafic designer), Sara Gebran (Dancer/Choreographer), Majd Hajjaj (Dancer), together with the community of Jalazoun and Deheisha, the architect students of the Birzeit University.. Light and technical set up: Dia’ Ju’beh, Muath Ju’beh.. Voices: Majd Hajjaj, Yousra and Hanna.. Video documentation: Razan Azzeh and Wadee Hanani Coordinator of the project: Sally Abu Bakr.. Produced by:.. Sirreyet Dance Festival and Public Eye (www.. dk),  ...   – 1.. 00 pm: Hula Hoop: Woman Group 1.. 5.. 00 – 9.. 00 pm: Mapping Hula Hoop: Men Group 2.. Tuesday 14.. 9.. 00 – 12.. 00 pm: Mapping: Women Group 1.. 12.. 00 pm: Hula hoop: Women Group 2.. 4-9 pm Architecture Photography: Group 3.. Wednesday 15.. 4.. 00 – 5.. 30 pm: Hula hoop, Children 10-18 years.. 5:30 – 8:00 pm Hula hoop, Men Group 2.. Thursday 16.. 4-9 pm Architecture Photography Group 3.. 30 pm: Hula hoop: Children 10-18 years.. Friday 17.. 30 pm: Reading Mahmoud Darwish and Agamben, understanding the knowledge of the Door Women.. Saturday 18.. 8.. 00 pm CANCEL Performance due to the murder of a 16 years old from the camp by the near by settlements snipers.. Deheisha Refugee camp.. Monday 20.. Meeting the community to discuss the project.. Tuesday 21.. 2:00-4:30 pm: Mapping 1, Group A.. 4:30-7:30 pm: Mapping 2, Group B.. 7:30 – 9:30: Hula Hoop 1, Group C.. Wednesday 22.. 2.. 30 – 4.. 30: Hula hoop 2, Group D.. 30: Architecture 1, Group E.. Thursday 23.. 30: Hula hoop 3, Group C.. 30: Architecture 2, Group E.. Saturday 25.. 6-8 pm T-shirt workshop: make your own T-shirt.. 7-8 pm Outdoor projections of the work done during the week.. 00 pm Celebration/Performance.. Wednesday 29.. Performance at the Royal Cultural Palace of Ramallah under the festival Sirreyet, with participation of 50 people from the refugee camp of Jalazoun and 200 audience from the city.. tours.. Fri Aug 3 15:10:27 2012..

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  • Title: Vertical Exile - Copenhagen '09
    Descriptive info: Vertical Exile - Copenhagen 09.. A social and political art manifestation.. A MONTH PLATFORM OF WORKSHOPS, EXHIBITIONS, COLLECTIVE CITY INSTALLATION, LECTURES PERFORMANCE, defined to exchange creativity, knowledge and new thoughts about the city of Copenhagen, inviting Danish artists and the citizens living in the periphery, to find alternatives on how to appropriate the public spaces, through small art interventions.. The work is based on the thematic idea of mapping and the trinity of Territoriality, Power and Identity.. The performance is an amazing result of a collaboration between 6 artists, in a unique way mixing analog and digital media still responding to a concept more than the aesthetic in which normally digital media over rules performances.. Artists: Joen Vedel, Esther Wrobel, Martin Vognsen, Casper Øbro, Ylva Henrikson Sara Gebran.. More pictures information at.. Performance trailer:.. Workshop Hammock attack:.. Support by: Scenekunstudvalg (Art Council), Copenhagen International Theater, Nordic Culture Point, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond.. Collaborators: Nørrebro library, Ungdomshus in Vesterbrø and Copenhagen International Theater.. Your part of our city - workshop:.. A creative and reflective project about the perception and use of Copenhagen and of dreams of change.. Map and share your personal view on the city.. Creating physical models and ideas for new ways of inhabiting and using the space we share, in collaboration with art and architect students and local citizens of Copenhagen.. A 3 days workshop.. The results of the workshop will be exhibited.. Look below.. Dates: 29.. -31.. juli/17.. 30 – 21.. youth from 14 til 25 år.. At Vesterbro Ungdomsgård, Absalonsgade 8, 1658 København V.. -7.. august/17.. 00 –  ...   fun learning new ways of using the Hula Hoop ring with others.. A tool for communication.. Break down your borders.. 31 July/16.. 00 – 17.. Vesterbro Ungdomsgård, Absalonsgade 8, 1658 Kbh V.. 1 August/10.. 00-11.. Gårdhaven i Toves Galleri, Vesterbrogade 97, Kbh V.. 7 August/16.. 00 + Nørrebro Library - Bragesgade 8b, Kbh N 8 August/12.. 00 – 13.. Nørrebro Library - Bragesgade 8b, Kbh N.. Lectures on Mapping:.. Mapping Eternity.. :.. The city s invisible dimension - mapping of the metaphysical layer of Copenhagen through the history of the churches.. Lecture by theologists Sylvester Roepstorff.. Inspiration for visual mapping of the city.. : How do you see the city with the body and the eye, and how do you categorize things and visualize them in drawings.. Lecture by artist and architect Biba Fibiger.. Date: 11.. August/18.. Nørrebro Library, Bragesgade 8, Kbh N.. Collective city installation.. Exchange an object for a ticket to the performance and be part of the creation of an installation in the city.. 15 August/14.. Meeting place: Bicycle bridge between Islands Brygge and Fisketorvet.. Performance.. An exploration of territory, power and identity and a celebration of the month of work, we have done together.. 21.. -23.. August/21.. Absalonsgade 8, København V.. Check Martin s music:.. Composition for the Performance.. music.. Credit workshops.. : Celine Bardram, Joen Vedel, Mikael Bing, Allan Myrup, Thomas Bo Østergaard Sylvester Roepstorff, Biba Fibiger, Emma-Cecilia Ajanki, Sara Gebran, Ylva Henrikson, Esther Wrobel, Rikke Kjær, Roberta Blasone, Line Koch Nørreklit, Julia, Giertz, Nuria Pellitero.. Producer: Ulrika Pii Zeuthen.. Assistenter: Emma-Cecilia Ajanki, Celine Bardram.. Fri Aug 3 17:28:43 2012..

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  • Title: La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble
    Descriptive info: A humorist, political, interactive and feminist female ‘duo’ about the mythological, political and social aspects of Mexican “Lucha Libre” (free-fight-wrestling).. This is a live Art work, a mix between lecture and performance, a match between the ‘Host’ and the ‘Guest’ representing the “Good” vs “Evil”, searching for the local heroes the audience might need, for themselves or for their society, reflecting of the lack of heroes and mythologies in the 1st world or wealthy societies.. The work is performed by women, Ylva Henrikson Sara Gebran vs 2 to 5 invited female guest from the city visited, depicted exceptionally ungracious and childish, as suppose to the acrobatic, virtuosic and powerful male wrestlers.. Why is it so funny to see women so badly and stupid presented? And who forces whom to tell awful things to each other, the audience holding texts or the performers reading them? Who controls and who follows without questions? Laugh can make you forget, but what are we laughing at?.. Lucha Libre springs from societies like Mexico with deep socio-economical class difference, giving birth  ...   about Mexican free-wrestling, her crazy lycra-outfits and her lovely wrestling match with Ylva Henrikson and Luisa Denward.. Gebran is like a latin american relative to Liz Aggiss!”.. 09.. *“… Its fascinating to experience this “exotic” world, which heroic status the masked Gebran problematizes in a joyful spirit… ‘la Santa’ Gebran manages to put on cultural mentalities, faked or real.. Beautiful ”.. ** - Anna Ängström, Svenska Dagbladet, 28.. 10.. Trailer:.. Full video.. Support.. : Danish Art Council (Kunststyrelsen), Swedish Art Council (Kulturrådet), City of Stockholm Art Council (kulturförvaltingen) Danskonst Teater 24 Kvadrat meter, Göterborg.. Credits.. : Choreography concept: Sara Gebran.. Dance in collaboration with Ylva Henrikson.. Two guest performers in every city visited (female).. Dramaturge: Anders Paulin.. Costume Set Design: Sara Gebran.. Leotards costume by: Sara Sachs.. Press photos: Anders Paulin.. Video documentation Yva Henrikson.. Tour spring 2011:.. 12 Feb Roxy Theatre, Basel, 17 Feb TPAM, Yokohama, Japan, 15 April Fylkingen, IETM Stockholm.. Tour 2008-2009.. Presented in Upsala Stadsteatern, Moderna Dansteatern, 24 Kvadrat meter, Tribunalen Theater/Stockholm, and 2 times in Dansescenen/Copenhagen.. Fri Aug 3 17:27:40 2012..

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