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  • Title: Roel de Cock's tiny Window on the Web
    Descriptive info: .. Roel de Cock's homepage features a photo gallery of Marstrands Have.. Roel de Cock's hjemmeside rummer et billedgalleri af Marstrands Have.. Marstrands Have link and gallery page.. (in.. highlight gallery.. Roel de Cock's holiday pages.. pictures of Roel in his natural environment.. Den, som ikke lever nu.. Lever aldrig -.. hvad gør du?.. Welcome to Roel's homepage.. Look, they killed the site!.. I'm in the lazy process of starting to use a (Wordpress) blog in lieu of this stone-aged site.. Meaning the following gets more and more void as I progress in adding unuseful entries to.. my blog here.. To help you add injury to my insults, you can even post comments.. Hej med dig, Hoi pipeloi!.. This is a real, old-fashioned, always-out-of-date homepage in the good tradition of when the Web was still young.. It's not a blog, nor a portal, and you won't even find a forum or a feedback form here.. Better yet, since there's no forum, nobody can annoy you by assigning scores to your random reactions! Doesn't that feel comfortable?.. Where?.. Roel tends to hang out in several places including, but not restricted to, pinty pubs, muddy meadows, soaring skies and wildish water.. When he's done  ...   you can go to the.. directly.. (latest update 6 December 2006).. Programming stuff.. There's an extremely outdated and uninspiring.. programming and software installation.. page, in the unlikely event you're interested.. Who again?.. Roel.. (pictures).. , by the Danish authorities familiarly addressed as.. Roeland Maria.. , works at the.. Center for Knowledge Technology.. , which is part of the Technical Knowledge Center DTV, which is part of.. Denmark's Technical University.. Are you still there?.. Roel landed in Denmark after some 9 years at.. Tilburg University.. He's engaged in programming all sorts of library applications to silence the hunger scientific libraries have for (cheaper) information.. Yes, he has an online.. Curriculum vitae.. He lives in Nørrebro,.. Copenhagen.. which is a comfortable 14 km.. bike.. tour from Lyngby.. He has no wives, children or dogs.. Freedom, part VI.. To make it clear where I stand, here are some links to organisations that deserve my sympathy.. Free Software Foundation.. Amnesty International.. Electronic Frontier Foundation.. League for Programming Freedom.. No Software Patents in EU.. roel at cvt.. dk.. Almost certainly updated someday, sometime.. Newline Skovmarathon Hillerød 2007.. BT Halvmarathon 2007.. Hillerød Skovmarathon 2006.. Eremetigeløbet 2006.. Esrum Sø rundt 2006.. Broloppet 2006: no links found, zorry.. Eremitageløbet 2005..

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  • Title: Emaljehaven
    Descriptive info: Your.. haiku.. here?.. Emaljehaven Resources.. Emaljehaven (formerly Marstrands Have) is a building complex of around 180 apartments in Copenhagen north-west, and this page contains links to my photo galleries and external relevant sites.. The rest of this page and all links pointed to are in Danish, sorry.. So igen.. velkommen til.. Jeg har samlet en del links som vedrører Emaljehaven (TPFKA Marstrands Have), både eksteriør og interiør, både officiel og uofficiel.. Det hele er selvfølgelig uden noget ansvar; siderne jeg peger på er jo ikke mine (undtagen dem der er.. eller sådan noget.. You get my drift.. ).. There goes the neighbourhood.. Antallet af boliger til salg i Kbh er.. ved at explodere.. viser obligationskurser.. dk (feb-sep 2006).. Ikke særlig godt nyt for vores store, hvide investering.. Men hey, vi bor da på mindst tør og varm..  ...   af.. lejlighed 159 i Autocad DXF format.. , med nogle møbler du kan flytte rund (lavet i.. Qcad for Linux.. ).. Gaaargle.. Google Maps'.. gammeldags blik.. på sagen.. Utrolig, men sandt: endda nu, september 2006, kører der mennesker rundt som eftertragter genbrugspladsen.. Projektpresentation.. Projektets presentation.. af projektudvikler Søtoftegård.. Indeholdt på et tidspunt en flashy Flashpræsentation, som desværre er taget offline.. Entasis design.. Entasis.. er tegnestuen for daværende Marstrands bygninger.. Søtoftegård.. Søtoftegård's.. projektside.. Abel Skovgård Larsen.. Abel Skovgård Larsen.. sælger projektgranskninger for andelsprojekterne online (PDF, dkk 500,-).. Eyecadcher Media.. Eyecadcher.. har lavet brochuren.. Hvidevarer?.. Jeg havde samlet en del links til de hvidevarer etc.. , som nævnes i byggebeskrivelsen.. Men efterhånden er de fleste modeller udgået, eller tillader fabrikanternes site ikke at man deeplinker, så for nu har jeg opgivet det.. Mail mig (adresse udløber dec.. 2007).. Roel's homepage..

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  • Title: Holidays
    Descriptive info: A grand day out.. Copenhagen, March 2005.. A metropolitan.. snow cover.. Norway 2004.. A nice tour through western Hardanger Vidda.. Refer to my travel mate.. Swiddy's.. web site (I didn't take any pictures here).. Norway 2003.. A stiff tour through.. Skarvheimen and Jotunheimen.. north-east of Bergen was on last year's program.. And no, I've not been on holiday elsewhere than in Holland in  ...   was in.. Ontario and the Canadian Rockies.. Lots of spiffy pictures and sounds make you long for an ADSL connection.. Scotland, 1998.. The.. Scottish Highlands.. , with contributions from others.. Sweden, 1996.. A rather spartan account of a.. canoe Trip in Värmland, Sweden.. , from the time scanners were as expensive as online time.. 'nuff holidays.. Home page is where the heart is..

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  • Title: Roel de Cock's ugly snout on the Web
    Descriptive info: Roel en face.. Uh, no, take me home please.. 5 December 2005.. 5 december 2005.. Roel turns 40 and one of his fine friends brings to the party.. an alcohol meter.. Well thanks for leaving immutable proof Hannah.. Photo courtesy.. Lars Kamp Mortensen.. Yes he's the one who brought the camera- did someone say conspiracy?.. Somewhere in Birmingham (1995).. Roel on a horse named Santana (1997).. Same horse, of course.. Roel in the disguise of a VAX buster (199?)..

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  • Title: Curriculum vitae for Roel de Cock
    Descriptive info: Roel de Cock (M).. born 5 december 1965, Tilburg, The Netherlands.. Chronology.. 1984-1986.. Chemistry, Nijmegen University (unfinished).. 1986-1987.. Training (partly on-the-job) for AMBI-certificates COBOL programmer (see.. training and courses.. and.. companies.. ).. 1988-1990.. Employed as applications programmer.. 1990-1991.. Library Academy (Frederik Möller), Amsterdam.. 1991-1992.. Employed as librarian/systems manager, Science Faculty, Nijmegen University.. 1992-1993.. Employed at Computer Helpdesk, Tilburg University Library.. 1993-1994.. Librarian (Dutch "documentalist") at Excerpta Informatica, Tilburg University Library.. 1994-2001.. Novell systems manager / project programmer, Automation Unit of Tilburg University Library.. 2001-current.. Unix programmer, Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark / CVT-Infolab.. Companies.. 1987.. Alpha Micro Systems Netherlands, Druten.. Application programming in COBOL.. Training on-the-job.. 1988-1989.. EVC produkties, Nijmegen.. Writing pupil registration system for educational institutions, and construction cost control software for Ministry of Housing (in Clipper).. Customer support.. 1989.. Buro Agogische Produkties, Nijmegen.. Writing Computer Aided Instruction for bank employees (in Clipper).. Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, library of Sciences.. Installing and maintaining local library systems.. Reference work for the Information Science and Chemistry collections.. 1992-2001.. Tilburg University Library.. Documentation work, systems management, Unix programming.. Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark.. Programmer at CVT/Infolab, working mainly under Linux.. Training and courses.. 1996-1987, 1992, 1993.. AMBI certificates: I1, I2 (general); B1, HB.. 1 (database management); T2 (COBOL), HP.. 6 (networks).. (AMBI is a Dutch modular Computer Science education programme of which the distinct modules can be studied independently.. AMBI modules  ...   system.. 2001-2003.. Several courses in XML, XSLT, SOAP, Web services and related technologies,.. Superusers.. , Hillerød DK.. 2004.. Introduction to Java, J2EE, and Java-XML related technologies,.. Lund og Bendsen.. , Glostrup DK.. Most current and library-specific programming experience.. At Tilburg University, Roel was involved in development of a multidatabase bibliographical search system under the heading of the European.. Decomate.. project.. Main activities were configuration/distribution management, development of an interface to the Online Catalog and Borrower systems, and deployment of the Current Awareness Service.. The software has after the project been adopted (by OCLC/Pica under the name iPort) and is in use by several institutes in The Netherlands and Germany.. Roel's main activities at CVT/Infolab involve ongoing development of the Chemicals Portal at.. kemibrug.. , the.. DTU research database Orbit.. and maintenance or redevelopment of the local web indexes at two universities in the Copenhagen area.. Hobbies and interests.. Roel likes bicycling (currently does some 150 km per week to and fro his work), mountain hiking (when mountains available) and horse riding (when horse available).. He also holds an interest in military aircraft and ditto PC simulators.. He used to posess a stone-aged, but functioning Nissan Sunny which he sold shortly after he saw the Danish "registration tax" rates (and directly after he regained consciousness).. Reference.. Jola Prinsen.. , former head of Excerpta Informatica, currently vice president of.. Ticer BV..

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  • Title: Sne! Sne! Sne! i København
    Descriptive info: Snowy pictures of Copenhagen in winter 2005.. Actually, this was Roel's first real 'Scandinavian winter' here.. To set the mood, the temperature that week tumbled between -21 and +1 degrees centigrade.. (Why did I put this under the Holiday Pages? Hey, some ppl pay thousands of bucks just to have 5 cm of snow  ...   March 2005).. The bike rotting third from the left is Roel's.. Sankt Hans Gade after the carnage.. Blegdams Vej (Nørrebro).. Nørre Allé (Nørrebro).. DTU, Lyngby.. View from Roel's office.. 3 March, 7:30: sunrise over Sortedams Sø, view from Roel's window (sticking out your neck, that is).. 6 March.. Unwitting photo model at Sortedams Sø..

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  • Title: Norway 2003
    Descriptive info: Skarvheimen and Jotunheimen, Norway, 2003.. The 2003 "I want to prove I'm a tough fella with endless stamina" tour went to Skarvheimen and Jotunheimen, adjacent national parks to the east of Bergen and up north.. The landscape is Arctic, some would say boring, and sprawled with morene stones from the last ice age.. Since not too many trees grow there (well, ok,..  ...   lots of ankle stress to cross.. The route.. First of all, a.. big.. image map of.. the route.. Click on the route segments for details.. Bergen and Finse, and to Geiterygghytta.. Klemsbu, Geiterygghytta.. Geiteryghytta to Kongshelleren.. Kongshelleren to Lungsdal.. Lungsdalshytta.. Borgund stavkyrkje and the Lærdal-Aurland tunnel.. where?.. Slettningsbu and enroute to Fondsbu.. Leirbreen, a glacier trip.. For finale, a.. huge.. 360 deg.. panorama..

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  • Title: Canadian candids 2000
    Descriptive info: If this site ever moves elsewhere, you can always get here via.. http://purl.. oclc.. org/net/roel/canada/index.. html.. We'd all been doing it in Sweden, so we thought, hey, why not do it in Canada? So Arian, Anton, Erwin and.. Roel.. set out on a course to the far West and went canoeing in Ontario for a change.. Of course we didn't let the chance slip to admire the Rockies.. How did it all turn out? See for yourself on this website.. I've tried to make this site conform to.. W3C.. standards (that's.. not.. a kind of Canadese flush toilet, thank you).. This should make sure most modern browsers will make something attractive of it.. It'll look best if your browser knows CSS1.. I personally like to use.. Opera.. Older browsers (notably Netscape 4.. 7) will give a silly layout, but will probably work.. There's no escape from a good screen, though.. You need to set something like 800x600  ...   bar in disguise.. Passengers for flight TS281 to Toronto Pearson, please move to gate.. D90.. for immediate boarding!.. Credits.. Artistic copyright of the Canadian Candids site and all photographs not excluded below.. Roel de Cock.. , Breda, the Netherlands.. All pictures whose names start with "E-" Erwin van den Berg, Nijmegen, Netherlands.. All pictures starting with "A-" Arian Overweg, Rotterdam, Netherlands.. Pictures and advertisements at the food pages are copyrighted by their respective manufacturers, to be found at the websites referred to.. Disclaimer: we have taken great care to make this site as entertaining, non-productive and distracting from economic or social obligations as feasible.. However, in the unlikely event of you finding yourself engaged in any economically profitable or socially sound activity including, but not restricted to, sex, whilst consulting the Canadian Candids website, our responsibility is restricted to reimbursement of the unexposed HTML material only.. Applicants for this QA programme are kindly requested to click.. here..

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  • Title: Scotland, July 1998
    Descriptive info: Scottish Highlands Pictures.. This travel was organised by.. SNP Nature Travels.. , Nijmegen, The Netherlands.. The tour guide is.. Asker.. Mulder from Amsterdam, or Dundee, or wherever in the world.. The cook/driver is Jacqueline van Hattem.. Ok, here's the Real Asker (the Man With The Hat).. Somewhere near Burn o'Vat.. Loes in the Cairngorms, eating 'gomballs' (transl?).. Waterfall, probably ending up in the Esk.. On the Driesh plateau.. T.. Guess this sleeps better than YHA mattresses.. Higland Games near Loch Morlich.. Highland Dancing is serious business.. What the heck's this bloke on the right think he's doing?.. Typical Highland Jump.. Just.. what.. do they wear underneath?.. Grr.. oink!.. Erica (tetralix?) growing in Lewisian Gneiss.. Massive Midge Attack, or some peculiar Scottish form of Hijab?.. Probably the Suilven, one of Stac Pollaidh's neighbours..  ...   Contents: 20% cotton, 10% polyamid, 30% sweat, 60% mud.. Aberdeen Airport.. Two lasses are missing, as is Theo.. Farewell, boss, we're starting for ourselves!.. After his Seventh Year in Tibet.. H.. and after his Second Week in Scotland.. More pictures, without description, but hey.. E,H.. Pictures by.. , unless otherwise indicated:.. ans Eijgenraam.. heo Bosman.. E.. llen Peters.. G.. =Hetty Grunefeld.. Roel's pictures were scanned with a Logitech Scanman at 200dpi, except files with an 'h' in their filename (300dpi).. Files with a 'p' in their name were postprocessed, cut out, gamma-corrected or such.. All of them should fit on a 800x600 screen.. Want higher quality pictures? Just mail me.. More.. Bev's favourite walks in Scotland.. The Internet Guide to Scotland.. Rampant Scotland.. , impressive number of links.. Fun about.. Carbisdale castle..

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  • Title: Sverige, July 1996
    Descriptive info: Pictures of Värmland, Sweden, July 1996.. Basic Needs for Survival.. The to-be winner of the OASK.. Real cool white nigger on home-made chair.. One of the endless sunsets.. or is it upside down?.. Another mirror.. but this one betrays itself.. Campfire scenery.. Löwe spielt Affe.. Just Eat It.. Die-hard, pro gamblers on Stena Jutlandica.. Änne på kjøkkenet i Viborg.. Mr Perthes who, after all, came up with the idea..

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  • Title: Programming and installation notes
    Descriptive info: Loose ends on programming and software installation.. Just to be sure, this is for programmers in the happy possession of a Unix/Linux machine.. Toolkit Lite?.. If you were looking for the RPMs I made for Index Data's Toolkit Lite, they're no longer here.. I think Index Data maintains them themselves, now..  ...   know what changed in /etc after an installation or update; or just to be able to recall what you have changed manually.. To be used with care, here are some instructions on.. how to put /etc under CVS control.. RPM quickref.. A.. quick reference.. of interesting things you can do with RPM..

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