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    Archived pages: 124 . Archive date: 2013-08.

  • Title: Troels Henriksen's website | Front page
    Descriptive info: .. Related sites:.. github.. archive.. SIGKILL.. -9.. blog.. config/.. hacks/.. me.. programs/.. projects/.. writings/.. Troels Henriksen’s website.. Welcome to my website.. My name is Troels Henriksen, and I am a Danish hacker (.. more about me.. ) and general enthusiast in all matters computing.. I’m currently working as a research programmer and occasional teaching assistant at.. DIKU.. , the computer science department at the University of Copenhagen.. On this site I present.. programs I have written.. , my.. configuration files.. , and.. minor scripts.. that may of some amusement to others.. I also used to.. , although not any more.. I tend to  ...   pompous introductions for folders containing naught but a five-line shell script.. For those curious about technical details, this site is statically generated via the nifty Hakyll framework, although it used to be written in shell script via the pretty good.. werc anti-framework.. The source code is available.. here.. In case all this is too boring for you, why not check out.. topDatamat.. ? It’s a Danish (English subtitles) sketch show, sort of inspired by Top Gear, that we film in the basement under the department of computer science at the University of Copenhagen.. I’m involved as writer and (very poor) actor.. Powered by Hakyll..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/.. Name.. Last Modified.. Size.. Type.. Parent Directory.. /.. -.. Directory.. Django Unchained 2012 DVDSCR X264 AAC-P2P.. 2013-Jul-08 10:50:39.. Frankenweenie.. 2012.. 1080p.. BluRay.. x264-SPARKS.. 2013-Jun-02 15:19:04.. Shrek 1, 2, 3, 4.. 2013-Jun-02 15:30:21.. Space Jam (1996).. 2013-Jul-30 17:22:13.. Space.. Jam.. 1996.. 720p.. x264-PSYCHD.. 2013-Jul-30 17:21:44.. code.. 2013-Jun-02 15:18:44.. compilers.. 2013-Jun-02 15:19:02.. configs.. dl.. doc.. 2013-Jun-02 15:31:22.. images.. 2013-Jun-02 15:21:43.. mosml.. 2013-Jun-02 15:21:50.. osm.. 2013-Jun-02 15:20:24.. scripts.. style.. 2013-Jun-02 15:21:44.. zombieland.. 2013-Jun-02 15:27:14.. GridSelect.. hs.. 2013-Jun-02 15:40:22.. 29.. 4K.. text/x-haskell.. K-exam-2013-A.. pdf.. 2013-Jun-02 15:32:09.. 623.. 0K.. application/pdf.. camlrunm_2.. 01-0ubuntu2_i386.. deb.. 39.. 6K.. application/x-debian-package.. default_favicon.. ico.. 2013-Jun-02 15:34:26.. 2.. 1K.. image/vnd..  ...   9M.. forsvar.. 174.. 9K.. g2.. 2013-Jun-02 15:34:04.. 114.. gsmenu.. 2013-Jun-02 15:40:23.. 5.. 3M.. png.. 81.. image/png.. icfp-xxxxxxxx.. tgz.. 2013-Jun-02 15:34:28.. 477.. 5K.. application/x-gtar-compressed.. ktest.. tar.. 3.. 0M.. application/x-tar.. libopenjpeg.. so.. 2.. 115.. 8K.. libpoppler.. 5.. 1.. 7M.. 0.. mousetoxin.. 339.. 7K.. natset.. 49.. new.. jpg.. 202.. image/jpeg.. prank.. sh.. application/x-sh.. pubkey.. asc.. 2013-Jun-02 15:34:05.. text/plain.. randomized-positioner.. h++.. 6.. text/x-c++hdr.. revue-surf.. 60.. gz.. sex_da.. c.. 13.. text/x-csrc.. testg.. twelfppr.. 78.. uge3.. 230.. ugeseddel1.. 124.. ugeseddel2.. 2013-Jun-02 15:32:08.. 99.. ugeseddel3.. 117.. ugeseddel4.. 113.. ugeseddel5.. 87.. ugeseddel6.. 143.. ugeseddel7.. 151.. ugeseddel8.. 207.. werewolf_the_apocalypse_20th_anniversary_edition.. 2013-Jul-25 17:07:21.. xpdf.. 235.. xresources.. patch.. 12.. text/x-diff.. lighttpd/1.. 4.. 31..

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  • Title: Troels Henriksen's website | Blog
    Descriptive info: Remnants of my old blog.. I used to write a blog, but I do not really any more.. If you are curious, you can peruse its archives..

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  • Title: Troels Henriksen's website | Configuration files
    Descriptive info: My configuration files.. As programmers, we spend large amounts of time in front of our computers, and it makes as much sense to customise (and optimise) our digital work environment as our physical one.. After all, does the master painter not endlessly obsess over the wood grain of his paintbrush, and does the skilled bricklayer not cut his own bricks? Indeed not, and  ...   a list of configuration files tailored to my own preferences.. If you look around, you may find some inspiration for your own.. abcde.. conf.. bash.. bash_logout.. bashrc.. beirc.. lisp.. clisp.. clisprc.. cmucl.. cmucl-init.. emacs.. git.. gitconfig.. grani.. script.. js.. css.. lisp.. init.. mercurial.. hgrc.. mksh.. mkshrc.. profile.. sbcl.. sbclrc.. tinyfugue.. tfdiscworld.. tfhellmoo.. tfrc.. x11.. Xdefaults.. xsession.. xmobar.. xmobarrc.. xmonad.. lib/GSMenuPick.. zsh.. zprofile.. zshenv.. zshrc..

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  • Title: Troels Henriksen's website | Hacks
    Descriptive info: patches/.. Minor scripts, hacks and patches.. I put minor hacks and scripts here.. Some may be of use to others but me, but I expect that the majority will only be of educational or entertainment value.. More fleshed-out instructive programs are in.. a different section.. Many of the scripts are written in.. rc.. , the command shell from the Plan 9 operating system.. It is similar to classic POSIX bourne shell script, but significantly simplified and, in my opinion, improved.. Should you wish to run them, you will need a port of.. to your platform.. I personally use.. 9base.. , a port of many of the standard Plan 9 tools to the POSIX environment by the gentlemen and scholars at.. suckless.. org.. Beware.. : the reimplementation of.. for Unix by Byron Rakitzis is incompatible in many fundamental and seemingly arbitrary ways, for example by using.. else.. instead of.. if not.. as in Plan 9.. Sadly, this is the version you will get if you merely install the.. package in Debian.. Install the.. package instead, and add.. /usr/lib/plan9/bin.. to your path.. Also read.. this guide to setting up Plan 9 userland tools.. 8ball.. Query the magic 8-ball.. Prints one of the standard twenty answers on standard output.. Usage:.. No arguments are accepted.. HsGrep.. Haskell implementation of simple regular expressions, inspired by Torben Mogensens textbook “Introduction to Compiler Design”.. Character ranges are supported through translation to alternations.. Negative ranges are not supported.. A backslash causes the following character to be read literally, even if it is normally syntactically significant.. The full path from regular expressions over NFAs to DFAs has been implemented, and several utility functions for printing the state machines as graphs (in GraphViz format) are also provided.. If compiled as an executable, the program acts as a very simple.. grep.. clone.. cloud.. Leverage the power of CLOUD COMPUTING using standard Unix tools! Given a list of servers to which you have password-less login through  ...   in a dmenu-compatible interface.. dmenu_path_watcher.. Rerun.. dmenu_path.. (reconstructing the cache in.. ~/.. dmenu_cache.. ) whenever a file is removed or added to a directory in.. PATH.. Start this in the background (for example from your.. profile.. or.. xsession.. ) and enjoy.. Requires inotify-tools for the.. inotifywait.. program.. lhscode.. Extract code blocks from Literate Haskell files and print them on standard output.. Blank lines will be used to separate logical code blocks (sequences of lines starting with.. , or.. \begin{code}.. \end{code}.. pairs), but the contents of the blocks are printed verbatim.. lhscode [file.. ].. , reading from standard input if no files are provided.. rmprefix.. Strip sequence of lines of their common prefix, if any.. reads lines on standard input, and prints them on standard output in the same order, but with their common prefix removed.. This prefix may be empty, in which case output will be the same as input.. No error checking is done.. No command line options are accepted.. roll.. Roll dice.. The format is the usual NdK (eg.. 1d6, 2d20).. No error correction is done.. The dice count is optional (eg.. 1d6 is the same as d6).. Multiple rolls per invocation is supported, just supply more arguments.. NdK….. stashcfg.. Given a program name and a configuration file name, copy the the file to the proper XDG directory and set up a symlink at its original location.. Additionally, create a script $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mklinks.. sh that will re-establish the symlink if deleted.. Always run this program from your home directory.. x.. Terrible Bourne shell script wrapper around.. tar vxf.. , that ensures that that a single directory is created from the archive.. That is, this script prevents tarbombs.. x file.. If.. file.. extracts to a single file or directory, no special action will be taken.. Otherwise, a single directory with the same name as.. , with extension stripped, will be created and.. extracted therein.. This script requires a GNU-compatible userland (mostly for.. tar.. sed.. )..

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  • Title: Troels Henriksen's website | Me
    Descriptive info: Personal details.. My name is Troels Henriksen, I’m a hacker from Denmark.. Computer science is my greatest passion, and I study it at home as well as at the.. University of Copenhagen.. My email address is.. athas at sigkill dot dk.. and my public key is available.. I care a lot about free software, and I believe that the right to inspect the software that administers an increasing part of our society is of critical importance to the future.. In my mind, there is little difference between secret source code and secret laws, and both are black marks on the society that harbors them.. I am not, however, militant in my beliefs, and  ...   about technical matters, and the construction of this web site used to be an investigation into the feasibility of the Unix “tools” approach, in which simple and highly specialised programs are glued together (usually with shell script) to achieve the desired functionality.. I am mostly interested in this approach because it promises great robustness due to the simplicity of the resulting component programs; simplicity having long been seen as the key to reliable engineering outside as well as inside the computing industry.. After much experimentation, I no longer think current shell scripting is appropriate for anything other than very simple glue, but perhaps a more effective language for program composition could be devised..

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  • Title: Troels Henriksen's website | index
    Descriptive info: arrows/.. sigkill.. Interesting programs.. Herein you can find relatively small programs that are intended to be read rather than used.. While I have my doubts about.. Literate Programming.. for large programs, I still consider its principles extraordinarily valuable, and I will try to write programs that are both illustrative and fun to read.. Pages containing programs will have a “source” link above the menu that can be used to download the unformatted source code (literate programs will still be literate, though)..

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  • Title: Troels Henriksen's website | My projects
    Descriptive info: climacs.. gsmenu/.. insitu/.. sindre/.. twelfppr/.. Repository of programs written by me.. This is where you can find my programs.. These are not all the ones I have written, merely the ones I brazenly suspect others might find interesting, or that I don’t feel bad about showing to the world.. Only somewhat major pieces of code are in this section, smaller hacks are.. that way.. Follow the links at the top..

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  • Title: Troels Henriksen's website | Writings
    Descriptive info: guides/.. languages.. primes.. scripting.. Writings.. English prose on much and nothing..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/Django Unchained 2012 DVDSCR X264 AAC-P2P/
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/Django Unchained 2012 DVDSCR X264 AAC-P2P/.. Torrent Downloaded From ExtraTorrent.. com.. txt.. 2013-Jul-08 10:53:45.. du.. mkv.. 2013-Jul-08 10:59:46.. 4G.. video/x-matroska..

    Original link path: /pub/Django%20Unchained%202012%20DVDSCR%20X264%20AAC-P2P/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/Frankenweenie.2012.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS/
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/Frankenweenie.. x264-SPARKS/.. frankenweenie.. bluray.. x264-sparks.. 2013-Jun-02 15:19:13.. 102.. 6M.. sparks-frankenweenie-1080.. nfo.. 2K..

    Original link path: /pub/Frankenweenie.2012.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS/
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  • Archived pages: 124