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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Dealers area:.. Username.. Password.. Home.. About.. About TeeJays.. The Company.. Company Policies.. Code of Conduct.. Collection 2013.. New Styles.. T-Shirts.. Basic, Fashion Interlock.. Polos.. Stretch Casual.. Performance.. Sport Leisure.. Sweatshirts Knitwear.. Casual Business.. Outerwear.. Jackets, Fleece Softshells.. Kids.. Basic wear Junior.. Tee Jays Specials.. Unique Solutions.. Display Solutions.. Embroidery.. Custom Production.. Download.. Products.. Productsheets Images.. Catalogues.. Main seasonal.. PR Material.. Logo, icons other.. The Collection 2013.. English.. Danish.. Fall 2013.. Distributors.. Scandinavia.. Scandinavian Countries.. Denmark.. Norway.. Sweden.. Finland.. Iceland.. Europe.. European Countries.. Netherlands.. Germany.. France.. Austria.. Czech Republic.. Slovenia.. Croatia.. Poland.. Belgium.. Hungary.. COSTUM.. Production.. make your own design.. DISPLAY.. Solutions.. Optimize your sales.. LOGO.. Embroidery.. short term delivery.. It began with the desire to create the most unique basic collection of leisure and promotional wear.. A collection of best selling basics, based on leading classics and fashion products.. Setting new standards.. Continiously we develope and design leading styles and fabrics.. Our designers and technicians ensure best fit and performance.. The result of our efforts are one of Europes most unique basic collections.. A collection with the best combination of quality and price.. With passion and dedication since 1976.. The.. T-shirts.. 1000 Basic Tee.. 1050 Ladies Basic Tee.. 1005 Fashion Basic.. 1006 Fashion Basic V-Neck.. 8000  ...   140 Ladies Polo Pique.. 1405 Stretch Deluxe Polo.. 145 Ladies Stretch Deluxe Polo.. 1415 Mens College Polo.. 1420 Ladies College Polo.. 2400 Pocket Polo Pique.. Sweat.. 5425 Sweat Pants.. 5429 Heavy Sweatshirt.. 5430 Mens Hooded Sweatshirt.. 5431 Ladies Hooded Sweatshirt.. 5435 Mens Full zip Hooded Sweat.. 5436 Ladies Full zip Hooded Sweat.. 5421 Sports Sweat.. 5422 Ladies Sports Sweat.. 9160 Mens Active Fleece.. 9170 Ladies Active Fleece.. 9210 Mens Street Jacket.. 9260 Ladies Street Jacket.. 9660 Mens Technical Performance.. 9670 Ladies Technical Performance.. 9515 Mens Softshell Bodywarmer.. 9555 Ladies Softshell Bodywarmer.. 9510 Mens Softshell.. 9550 Ladies Softshell.. 9512 Mens Hooded Softshell.. 9552 Ladies Hooded Softshell.. 9525 Mens Stretch Softshell.. 9565 Ladies Stretch Softshell.. 9520 Mens X-treme Softshell.. 9560 Ladies X-treme Softshell.. 9530 Mens Ultimate Softshell.. 9570 Ladies Ultimate Softshell.. 9640 Mens Outdoor Performance.. 9641 Ladies Outdoor Performance.. 9514 Hooded Fashion Softshell.. 9554 Ladies Hooded Fashion Softshell.. 9630 Zeppelin Jacket.. 9631 Ladies Zeppelin Jacket.. 9632 Zeppelin Vest.. 9633 Ladies Zeppelin Vest.. 9642 Summit Jacket.. 9643 Ladies Summit Jacket.. 1000B Junior Basic Tee.. 8000B Junior Sof-Tee.. 5430B Hooded Sweatshirt.. TeeJays A/S | Lansen 11 | DK-9230 Svenstrup J | Denmark | Phone +45 98176777| e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • Title: TeeJays
    Descriptive info: Articles.. Dealers Area.. Sorry! This area is under Construction, thank you for your patience!.. Tee Jays A/S..

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  • Title: Home
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  • Title: About TeeJays || The Company
    Descriptive info: About TEE JAYS.. TEE JAYS since 1976.. It began in 1976 with a passion to create the best quality T-Shirts and the first production started in Florence, Alabama.. In 2002 we were focussed establishing a unique basic collection for the European market.. We continiously develope and design leading styles and fabrics.. Our designers and technicians ensure Best fit and performance.. A focussed collection with the best combination of quality and price.. Location.. Our European head office is located in the beautiful danish countryside of Aalborg..  ...   000 pcs garments are held in our 4.. 000 m2 warehouse, to ensure quick deliveries.. In house embroidery.. With our 5 Barudan embroidery machines we offer quality embroidery from our main facilty in Svenstrup, Denmark.. Along with our daily production of TEE JAYS we have specialized in custom production.. Our ongoing production of shirts and jackets makes it possible to offer small minimums, Flexible solutions and fast deliveries.. On custom production, we keep our high standards By only producing in our own well known tested fabrics..

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  • Title: Company Policies || Code of Conduct
    Descriptive info: At TEE JAYS we see corporate responsibility most important.. We believe in running our business in a responsible way.. Minimum age labour: TEE JAYS does not permit any employ of workers under the minimum age established by local law.. in no case TEE JAYS allow our suppliers to employ individuals under the age of 16.. Employment policy: TEE JAYS requires that all authorised garments bearings its name are manufactured under strict standards on working hours and good working conditions.. TEE JAYS does not allow  ...   hours, wages and disciplinary procedures and harassment.. Environmental Practices.. TEE JAYS demands all suppliers to purcue correct environmental practises.. TEE JAYS insists on the use of azo free dyed fabrics, and recycled materials where possible.. Oeko-tex.. All our cotton/polyester products apply to Oeko-tex standards.. REACH.. TEE JAYS encourages all suppliers to have full compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and ensure no harmful chemicals - to any humans or environment - are used in products bearing the TEE JAYS brand..

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  • Title: Collection 2013
    Descriptive info: New Styles 2013.. Large collection of quality T-Shirts made of the best fabrics.. Both for promotional and fashion wear.. High Performance collection of functional T-Shirts.. One of the best collections of Polos.. Unique quality and fit.. Large selection of colours.. The markets most superior collection of sweats.. Our 3 thread fabric in 310 gsm makes our quality unique.. Quality collection of jackets.. Great design and fit.. Our best selling styles for kids..

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  • Title: New Styles 2013
    Descriptive info: Lightweight padded jacket for all year use.. Show Details.. Lightweight padded vest for all year use.. This is our top quality jacket made to match the customer, who only wants the best.. 9640 Mens Outdoor Performance Jacket.. Weather proof winter jacket with breathable AIRtech 5.. 000 function and fully taped seams.. 9641 Ladies Outdoor Performance Jacket.. 9514 Hooded  ...   softshell.. 9554 Ladies Hooded Fashion Softshell Jacket.. Stylish sweat with contrast stripes and zippers.. 5430B Hooded Sweatshirt for Kids.. All our 310 gsm.. sweatshirts are made of long fiber egyptian cotton.. Our 3 thread fabric gives a unique smooth and soft surface.. Shaped full zip sweatshirt for both men and ladies.. Quality polo shirt made in functional polyester..

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  • Title: T-shirts
    Descriptive info: Best quality promotion t-shirt, made of ringspun longfiber cotton to give a fine smooth fabric.. Ideal for printing.. Fashion basic tee with the perfect fit known from retail.. Made of ringspun longfiber cotton to give a fine smooth fabric.. Unique mens fashion tailored t-shirt with stretch.. The perfect stretch ladies tee in 90% cotton and 10% elastane.. Full feeder elastane for smoother fabric.. Ideal for casual wear or any ladies uniform.. Designed for the perfect tight fit with extra length..  ...   Stretch Tee long Sleeve extra long.. Made of ringspun longfiber 40 singles cotton to give a fine smooth fabric.. Ideal for printing and embroidery.. 520 Mens Interlock T-shirt.. State of the art interlock quality.. The combination of unique fabric and new design makes our interlock one of the best in the market.. 585 Ladies Interlock V-neck.. Cool body fit fashion longsleeve for cool appearance.. One of the best Heavyweight t-shirts.. Mens and Ladies Fashion Softee.. Casual retail fit.. 8050 Ladies Sof-Tee..

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  • Title: Polos
    Descriptive info: Heavy Polo Pique with the perfect shape.. Double preshrunk fabric for better performance.. The ultimate polo shirt.. This cotton/elastane fabric ensures the best comfort and fitting.. The tailored fit and mini pique fabric and flat knit collar with lycra makes our stretch polo series unique.. 1415 College Polo.. High quality polo in unique design.. Fashion design with velvet trims and outside placket, to give you the casual look.. Quality polo for both workwear and promotion..

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  • Title: Performance
    Descriptive info: Quality performance t-shirt.. This lightweight fabric gives you good comfort during your activity.. 7010 Ladies Cool Dry T-shirt.. The soft breathable and lightweight fabric gives this shirt a natural feel.. 7020 Mens Cool Dry T-shirt..

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  • Title: Sweat
    Descriptive info: Casual fashion sweats with comfort fit.. Heavy weight sweatshirt made of the finest egyptian cotton.. To make our colours more bright, all our sweatshirts are double dyed..

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  • Archived pages: 231